Valuation Services

Practice transitions occur in many forms; some are planned and some are unexpected. Most dentists can only guess as to the real value of one of their most valuable assets. Unexpected transitions, such as illness, disability, or death, can leave your family scrambling to salvage the value of a practice at a time when emotions and stress are high. Unplanned valuations sometimes takes months while information is obtained, leaving the practice vulnerable and declining in value.

A Valuation pre-sale is a sound investment. Obtaining a comprehensive valuation of your practice well in advance of a sale may reveal opportunities to significantly increase the value of your practice, and dictate your timing and capital expenditures.

Ready to transition from your own practice or buy an existing practice? A comprehensive valuation ensures buyers are purchasing a viable practice for the right price and a seller is receiving what a practice is worth.

At DTG we believe you must first understand and be comfortable with the value of the dental practice before a planned or unplanned transitional event occurs. DTG provides a valuation of the dental practice performed by Certified Public Accountants with experience valuing dental practices utilizing industry accepted methodology. Additionally, all buyers should ensure they have access to a comprehensive valuation to ensure they are not overpaying for the dental practice.

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