Transition Services

Any business goes through transitions during its lifecycle. Transitions in a dental practice often look like this:

  • I want to grow my practice and bring in an associate
  • I am tired of going it alone, I would like a partner to share responsibilities
  • I want to spend more time with family and/or traveling
  • I am planning to retire in a few years, who can I bring in to take over?

DTG can help you find the right associate to bring into your practice whether you want to grow your practice, reduce your days in the practice, or are considering retirement in the next few years. We have relationships with many dentists and educators across the country to help you find the right person to bring into your practice.

If you are trying to locate an associate, at DTG we don’t feel like our job is over when we place an associate dentist. We will work collaboratively with both the associate and the dentist owner to design, document, and implement an associate agreement that will create a “win­ win” relationship between the dentist owner and the associate.

Let’s Talk!

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