Practice Valuations

At DTG we believe you must first understand and be comfortable with the value of the dental practice before you want to move forward with selling or buying. DTG provides a valuation of the dental practice performed by Certified Public Accountants with experience valuing dental practices. We utilize the industry accepted methodology for valuing dental practices. It is sound business planning to obtain a comprehensive valuation of your practice well in advance of a sale transaction as there may be opportunities to significantly increase the value prior to a sale. Additionally, all buyers should ensure they have access to a comprehensive valuation to ensure they are not overpaying for the dental practice

Selling A Practice

Selling your dental practice is one of the biggest financial decisions you will make. You only have one chance to get it right. DTG will provide you with expert advice to ensure we get it right. Whether you want to sell all of your practice and walk away, bring in an associate or partner, sell your practice over a period of years or merge your practice with an existing practice, DTG has the experience and expertise to ensure your goals and objectives are accomplished.

We will extensively market your practice, qualify the buyers, arrange financing for the buyer(s) (if needed), negotiate the terms of the transaction; provide sample agreements, coordinate the transaction with your current advisors and the buyer’s advisors and facilitate the closing.
DTG will take the worry and stress out of the equation when you sell your dental practice.

Buying A Practice

DTG will work closely with you to understand the type of practice you want to buy. We will then work diligently to locate the right practice for you. DTG has listed practices and relationships with numerous dentists, dental supply companies and educators across the country to help us find a practice that will work for you.

Employment Contracts

Employment contracts are needed if a selling dentist will remain working in the practice after the sale as an associate, as well as, for the dentist bringing on an associate as an employee. DTG will assist you in the design, documentation and implementation of an employment contract that will provide the foundation of a successful dentist/associate relationship.

Associate Placement

DTG can help you find the right associate to bring into your practice whether you want to grow your practice or reduce your days in the practice. We have relationships with many dentists and educators across the country to help you find the right dental practice.

If you are trying to locate an associate position at DTG we don’t feel like our job is over when we place an associate dentist. We will work collaboratively with both the associate and the dentist owner to design document and implement an associate agreement that will create a “win­ win” relationship between the dentist owner and the associate.